The Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt – What You Need To Understand

For almost all Australian adults, debt is a part of our daily lives. Whether or not you wish to advance your skills by obtaining a degree, purchase a home for your family, or buy a car so your family has transport, getting a loan is very common simply because we don’t have enough money to pay for these expenditures upfront. It seems that everyone takes out a loan at one point or another, so what’s the concern? The concern is that

What Remains on Your Credit Report And For How Long?

A credit report is a detailed document that specifies your history with creditors and has a considerable effect on your future financial capabilities. Having a ‘good’ credit report is basic provided that you pay your bills and debt repayments on time. On the other hand, skipping a repayment on a bill or debt repayment can cause significant issues if you want to acquire credit again down the road. In recent times, the rules have been remodelled to place a greater

What Is It Like To Go Bankrupt?

There’s no doubt that bankruptcy isn’t the best situation to be experiencing. There are some serious financial implications involved and it’s a very complicated and stressful process that will affect you financially for years to come. Ending up in mountains of debt can happen in a heartbeat, and many individuals end up in this situation due to a wide variety of factors. Not being able to work due to illness is one of the most frequent reasons people file for

What Is Debt Consolidation?

Nearly all of us have seen the plethora of debt consolidation advertisements on TV. There is a great deal of competition in the debt consolidation industry because sadly, lots of individuals are struggling financially and these businesses provide much needed financial relief. Home loans, car loans, credit cards; people can attain loans from a large variety of lenders for virtually anything in today times. The problem is that all these loans are tough to manage and if you fall behind