What You Need to Know About Debt Agreements

A large number of Australians experience financial headaches during their lifetime, and this is often considered a normal fluctuation in our finances. But what if you’re unable to resolve these troubles yourself, but at the same time, you don’t want to declare bankruptcy? Debt consolidation loans are a popular option that relieves individuals of financial anxiety by consolidating all their current debts into one easy to manage loan that’s payable each month. On the other hand, debt agreements are another approach

Tips on How to Address Your Financial Problems

There’s no question that financial concerns can trigger a lot of stress in our lives. Endlessly worrying about how you’re going to pay your bills not only makes you anxious, but also puts stress on your relationships, your family, and your health. The fact is, stressing over money isn’t going to solve your financial troubles. If you’ve found yourself in a position where you’re straining to make ends meet, here are the best ways to deal with your financial troubles

Effective Ways to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill this Winter

Personally, I find there’s nothing more discomforting than being cold. Coming from Queensland, I’m used to the stiffling heat and it doesn’t bother me too much, but the cold hits me like a tonne of bricks! Like many of you, my electricity bill skyrockets during the winter season and there’s a number of reasons for this. Not only are we using heating systems to keep us warm and comfortable, but the nights are longer so naturally we use more lighting

Bankruptcy and Child Support – Everything You Need to Know

Declaring bankruptcy certainly isn’t the end of the world, but it does have serious consequences that will have an effect on your finances in the coming years. I’ve found that in many cases, focusing efforts on developing a bright future is the best way for people to manage their bankruptcy and subsequent recovery. To do this, however, folks need to comprehend precisely what bankruptcy entails so they can accurately budget, plan, and rebuild their wealth in the most productive way

Top 5 Tips on How to File For Bankruptcy in Australia

Many Australian’s have only really contemplated bankruptcy when playing a game of Monopoly with their friends! Despite this, there are around 13,000 people that file for bankruptcy each year in Australia. It’s astonishing how quickly individuals can go from experiencing a balanced financial position to grappling a mountain of debt. In most cases, events such as loss of employment, divorce, or unplanned medical expenses will spark serious financial complications within just a couple of months. In lieu of wrestling with

Top 3 Reasons For Personal Bankruptcy in Australia

No one wants to look into bankruptcy, which is easy to understand considering that bankruptcy will influence your financial circumstance for several years to come. This may be one of the reasons why people don’t seek financial guidance in times of need, because they are under the typical misconception that bankruptcy is the only way to settle their financial concerns. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as there are many opportunities available to those experiencing financial difficulties. What lots of people

The Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt – What You Need To Understand

For almost all Australian adults, debt is a part of our daily lives. Whether or not you wish to advance your skills by obtaining a degree, purchase a home for your family, or buy a car so your family has transport, getting a loan is very common simply because we don’t have enough money to pay for these expenditures upfront. It seems that everyone takes out a loan at one point or another, so what’s the concern? The concern is that

Best Ways to Repair a Bad Credit Report

Regardless if we realise it or not, our credit report has a substantial effect on our lives. It’s sort of like our health; we don’t appreciate good health until we lose it. Many people don’t even find out they have a bad credit report until they make an application for a personal line of credit and it’s rejected. It can come as quite a surprise to some, simply because even one overlooked payment that is documented by your financial institution

Everything you should know about Bankruptcy Notices

If you have received a bankruptcy notice or court order you must respond promptly to prevent future grief. Owing anybody money known here as a creditor, could be any individual or organisation to whom you owe money. If you’re unfit to pay money to a creditor, the creditor will speak with the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) who will consequently send a bankruptcy notice demanding payment of that money. Clearly, there is a limit to the volume of money owing to

Australia’s Household Debt Crisis Looms

Today in the news, former economics advisor John Adams revealed that Australia is too late to avoid an ‘economic apocalypse’ even after his recurrent warnings to the political elites in Canberra. He went on to implore the Reserve Bank to raise interest rates to prevent household debt getting further out of control. This bubble is simple to illustrate. Confidence! It’s the inaccurate perception that Australia’s last twenty years of continual economic growth will never encounter any sort of correction is most