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Temporary Changes to Australian Bankruptcy Laws due to COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Questions about Bankruptcy Law changes are becoming are increasing dramatically at this very difficult time. So what changes have actually occurred recently to the Bankruptcy Laws. It seems there is an enormous amount of misinformation out there so in an attempt to clarify things we have put this notice together. As the COVID-19/Coronavirus continues to impact individuals and businesses it’s important to know what temporary measures the government has put in place for people considering bankruptcy or company directors who are

What Happens When You Declare Bankruptcy and Purchasing A Home

Whilst bankruptcy has lots of financial consequences, it certainly does not represent the end of the world. Lots of people file for bankruptcy for numerous reasons, and this amount only escalates with the challenging economic conditions that we witness today. According to reports from the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA), there were 7,466 incidents of bankruptcy in Australia in the September 2014 quarter alone. Getting bankruptcy advice is imperative so you become informed of exactly what happens financially when you